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Welcome to Kama Xcitra the World’s first truly interactive Kama Sutra that's putting the AR (Augmented Reality) into kARma.

The Kama Sutra is one of the oldest sex manuals in existence, originally written by Mallinaga Vatsayana, an Indian sage, over 2000 years ago. Today, the book is best known for its lavish descriptions of sex positions, from the simple to the almost impossibly athletic. Many versions of the guide have been published, offering advice and guidance to couples on how to have a fulfilling love life. So why bring out a new version – after all, what could another version of the Kama Sutra really have to offer the modern reader?

Until now, some of the Kama Sutra’s more challenging positions have left us all a little baffled and tied up in knots. But, thanks to Augmented Reality mobile app technology, the Kama Xcitra adds lets you get closer to the action than ever before as you explore these positions from every angle using the Android and iOS apps, which accompany this book. The interactive twist brings the illustrations to life in hologram-style 3D.

Now that you have the book, bring the Kama Xcitra alive and into the 21st Century by downloading and using the free smartphone or tablet apps that accompany the book. This website contains all the information you need to do just that.


  • To download the free app for Android devices click here
  • To download the free app for iOS devices (iPod, iPhone and iPad) click here
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  • To find out how to use the app, click here
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  • If you have any comments or feedback – feel free to use our Contact page, we’d love to know what you think and how we can make it even better


The app works only with the Kama Xcitra book. To buy the book – click here.

AND keep checking our XciteBooks.com website, Facebook page and @Xcitebooks Twitter feed for app updates, new products and new releases. If you feel so inclined, you can also check out videos of other people’s enjoyment of Kama Xcitra on You Tube (you might even like to add your own!).

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