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Android users – you have two different ways of installing the app.

Here’s how to do it:

First which device do you have?

For those of you who do not have an up to date Android device then we would recommend to use Xcitra.

For those of you lucky people who have the latest models, then we would strongly recommend to use Xcitra HD. The difference between the two is simply one of quality – the latest devices simply enable us to recreate better quality graphics and models and for that reason we wouldn’t recommend that you use this version on older devices. That said, everyone will be able to enjoy the Augmented Reality pop up quality of the Kama Xcitra!


Download APK

Xcitra HD

For further instruction on how to do so please go to “Manual” section.


You’ll notice that there’s another way of obtaining the Android app and that’s by downloading what’s known as an APK. What’s the difference between APK or Google Play? Well quite simply, none. They both work on Android Devices. So which one do you choose? We’d recommend you use the Google Play one first. However, if that’s not working for you, then select the APK version. With regards to the Xcitra or Xcitra HD versions the same principles apply.

With regards to installing the APK app, as before, if you are viewing this page on your Android device and want to download the app straight to it then all you need to do is click on the green APK icon and it will appear on the device. Alternatively, if you want to install the app on to your computer, then just simply right click on the APK icon and save the file. In both cases you will need to perform an additional step to ensure your Android device runs your APK app correctly which is as follows:

Go to Settings

  1. Select either Applications (if you have an Android 2.x) or Security (if you have an Android 3.x)
  2. Locate “Unknown Sources” option and make sure that this is checked to enable the app to run.
  3. Any problems – then please go to the Manual section

Kindle Fire (HD)

Because neither Kindle Fire nor Kindle Fire HD has a back camera built in, unfortunately you Kindle Fire app fans won’t get the benefit of Augmented Reality functionality of the Xcitra app.  But we didn’t want to leave you out completely so we’ve tweaked the app so that you get most of the 3D pop app benefits and features; best of all you get the whole book and the app combined – so you don’t need to buy the hard copy!   The app should be available from 1st January 2015.


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